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I'm new at this and so far have limited graphic resources. Does anybody see anything seriously wrong with these? The firm is sort of a free-form writing/design support operation, configured as a consultancy simply for flexibility. The home page is at . Thanks for your input. Logos are below:

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Jeez. Home page is , not "consultants". Sorry about that.

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Welcome in here and thanks for posting.
I think your logo looks like it could very well represent the kind of firm you are describing.

Is there any reason for the "C" to overlap the "W"? I ask because the curve on the "c" that tangent the line in the "W" do not look to good. If it's not important for the design I'd recommend fixing that. Should be easy to fix if you decide so.

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The "C" overlap was an attempt to make the whole thing a little more interesting and also to tie "Creek" to "Wolfe" without losing the single defining "W" which I really like. Possibly not as good an idea as I had thought.

Thanks for your input,

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If I would overlap two letters in your typo concept, it would be the W and the O to recreate the work "Wolfe" and increase legibility.

That's it!

Jean Chouinard (formerly emerjean on Typophile)

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