Getting Spammed Font Designers?

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Recently, I received an e-mail from Tabur Buhl asking my why I'd sent him a blank e-mail. In reality, I'd never sent Tabur any e-mails and we wrote back and fourth to determine the source of this wierdness . . .

A few days later, his friend Brode of Sacred Nipple had similar encounters. I also received another blank e-mail with an .exe file attached from Fontosaurus.

A day later, I found out the same thing had been happening to Brian of Astigmatic. I had been the recipient of e-mails from infected computers, but never from computers infected with font designers e-mail addresses.

Has this happened to anybody else?

Stuart :D

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I've been getting messages at about bounced emails to bunches of Yahoo addresses. Except I never sent them...


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What do the emails say?

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For the most part, they don't contain any message, for me usually an .exe attachment and the subject always seems to be a word or two stripped from the body of another e-mail.

(eg: Background, Comprador)

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These are viruses. Someone has either sent you an email recently or has your address in their address book... and they have a Windows-based PC. The virus infects their machine, steals some email addresses and forwards itself and a randomly selected file (think about that!) to the email addresses it found. It may even be self-modifying in that it passes on email addresses through a couple of iterations.

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