Font blogs - any recommendations?

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Hi guys!

Could someone share their favorite fontblogs? Besides Fontshop (fontfeed).
I need a place to check out new releases and such...

Thanks and happy holidays!


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On InDesign Secrets, there's a list of some good sites. Check out my comment (Reed Reibstein, 2nd comment down); I listed most of the font blogs I frequent.

writingdesigning's picture doesn't seem to be there on that list.

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What a list from Mr. Hunt! We'll be occupied for hours.
Please try my blog if you get the opportunity.

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i♥t is pretty new - but the list is a wiki - so you can add to it as you like.

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Thanks sii, hadn't known that.

Just added it.

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Where should mine go in the wiki entry? Typography Focus or Typophile Community (Personal)? I guess the former.

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