(x) Chapter listing inside Mighty Boosh DVDs - Cheapskate {BJ Harvey}

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Hi there,

I've got a pretty simple ID request this time around. Can you guys remind me which font this is? Please see the attached image. Thanks in advance :)

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Not exactly that simple :)

Cafeteria and Myriad Tilt are sort of similar. But not very.

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Indeed hard to pinpoint, on first look it reminded me of T26 fonts, I suggest you look at their Grunge and Organic sections.

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Hi Sam. I had in fact already checked those. No luck really :(

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Is there a font closer to this than XBAND Rough? I'd link to a showing of that font, but I can only find downloads and I'm not sure if the font's commercial or not. XBAND seems too... straight, for lack of a better word. However, XBAND is what I thought of when I saw this. Perhaps that will help in identifying the true font in use here?

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@ Arun
Interesting, I also didn't think it would be such a challenge, I did find a fairly close match in Parcel from TYPEfetish, but again not exact.

@ Luke
If you are really trying to match that XBand font, you should take a look at T26 as mentioned, or at Typochondriac, or at Demented Avenger, or use myfonts fantastic feature more fonts like this.

Good Luck.

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Not trying to match XBAND. Parcel's pretty close. Might have to purchase that one, still I'd prefer a closer/exact match. I tried the "more like this" option and did not find anything better than Parcel. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Well there's FF Confidential, which is pretty much the same sort of look.

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FF Confidential looks to be what XBAND is an imitation/copy of, I think. That's handy to know, but for what I'm doing I'll purchase Parcel. Shame it looks like there's only the one weight.

Just quickly if any of you know. Is there any sort of plugin for Photoshop that lets you pivot/tilt individual characters so that I could achieve the above look? I'm finding it hard to describe that but hopefully you know what I mean.

Of course, I want to say, thanks guys for the help so far. Merry Christmas as well. :)

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I wouldn't set type in Adobe Photoshop. It's like using a beard trimmer to mow your lawn. Sure, it works, but... :^/

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looks like Cheapskate from Harold's Fonts now sold by FontBros.

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Nice one Brian!

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Just wanted to thank bjharvey! :)

That's the one. Thanks so much.

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