Alternative to Badonk-a-donk

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While developing a website for a small-town community retail food store, my client (who is the in-house print designer there) mentioned that he is thinking of using the free font Badonk-a-donk as part of the store's brand identity.

Aside from all the questions of whether this cartoon style is appropriate or not, what suggestions does anyone have for retail fonts that would look better than this, but still convey an informal, fun, hand-rendered, or perhaps even cartoon-centric feeling?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Sorry for the small sample. You can see a character set of Badonk-a-donk here.

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Best thread title ever!

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Thanks, Stephen. Sorry for the delay on responding -- it's that time of year!

Particularly like Cafeteria of the ones you nominated.

It's my pleasure to provide a good thread title at the same time.

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