The asterisk

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and why it is sometimes useful:

Found here via there.


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The Gaul!

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As wonderful as that image is, I’m starting to understand why we have astronomical billboard taxes in Washington…

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I guess it may have less value this way:




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Love it, Adam!


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This reminds me...

Some time ago we mastered some Arabic OT fonts for a client. They supplied the outline data, some of which had been around the block in other font formats for several decades, and we built TTFs and added OpenType Layout tables. Fairly typical bread-and-butter work for us. I was bemused when we received marketing feedback that the design of the asterisks in the fonts needed to be changed from six-pointed to five-pointed, for 'cultural reasons'.

Adam, that slide is clearly a Zionist conspiracy. :)

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hahaha. nice. nice thread too.

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I would have gone for the 16 pointed version...

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**ck off

:-) Mikey

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and we always used them in the middle



is that sign above a Bush offensive?

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A Bush offensive? No.

Meant to be a dig at Dubya? Yes. Definitely.

Like it or no I think you have to admire it's concision & wit. I happen to like it very much.

The "B**L" model may be "normal" but it doesn't do the same thing. Look again. See?

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This is one of my favorite uses of a simple asterisk:

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That is clever in one of those 'so obvious why didn't *I* think of it first?' ways.

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I like the asterisk on this sticker, don't know why...

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I never imagined i could be so depressed for so long. Somehow the clever art makes me feel good that I'm not alone but sad that the outrage is not more pervasive and that remedy and recourse seem lost.

How many tens of thousands of innocent people have I payed to have bombed into oblivion. Oh right, I'll never know because I'm protected from the discomfort of knowing.

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