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I'm wondering how many custom typefaces have been made for colleges and universities. I'm quite familiar with the Yale typeface, and a search refreshed my memory of Victoria Sans and Serif, Californian, and Beauchef. Are there any others originally designed for a university's identity program? Thanks.

EDIT: Oh, and Basalt could fit here, too, although it seems to be for Stanford's library, not for the whole university.

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Was Californian made for (used by) the University of California Berkeley as a whole, or just for/by the University Press?

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I think you're right, Craig. If I remember Typologia correctly, Californian was made for the press. So make that three examples of custom university type :-)

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The University of Sheffield commissioned custom type. It's mentioned (barely) in this partial excerpt of an article in Eye:

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Thanks a lot, Marc. A bit of Google digging shows that the University commissioned HouseStyle Graphics to digitize a Modern and a Grotesque from Stephenson Blake. For others' perusal, more info here, PDF showing Stephenson and Blake in action here.

EDIT: After Sheffield's fonts got me in a British Industrial Revolution state of mind, I went looking for Bureau Grot, which it turns out is based on Grotesque No. 8 and No. 9. Since Blake is based on Grotesque No. 6, we just need someone to digitize No. 7 and we'll have a complete set! ;-)

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Thanks, John. I hadn't heard of Scripps before; sounds like the College no longer really uses it, which is too bad.

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Scripps College Press -- a teaching press within the art department -- still uses Goudy's Scripps College Old Style in metal. See this:

& it is available as a digital font from

It sure is a Goudy face, ain't it? It'd be interesting to compare it with Goudy's University of California Old Style. A task for which I have not the time. Too bad.


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Victoria Sans & Serif by Kris Sowersby for Victoria University.

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