Font Software Tutor Required

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Font Software Tutor Required

We are looking for a font software tutor to provide tuition in one of the main software packages such as Fontlab.

We would like to design a font and have a very strong idea on how it should look but are not very competent with the various technical rules of font design or the use of the software.

We are both students based in London and can pay around £6 per hour for the tuition. We are flexible in terms of the tuition time and place.

Please contact us if you can help.

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Please Help!

Can anyone in the forum please suggest how we can find someone to teach us as our previous post has not produced any replies.

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and can pay around £6 per hour

I’m afraid that was the problem.

What about getting yourself a book or two? Have a look at this older thread .

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I think your best bet, if you are conversant with some other design applications is to teach yourself. Most of what you already know is trasferable, and - "When alse fails, read the manual."

If and when you do get stuck, specific questions tend to get answered here quickly and in detail.


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Hmmm, £6 per hour - is that from each of you? Then you might be able to get a Reading student (MA Typeface Design programme) to tutor you. But most of the other folks who really know this stuff would charge several times that....



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Thank you all for your suggestions.

I will follow them up.

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