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Recently, I went on a complete shopping spree for type.

The two online destinations that I kept coming back to were Village and Fountain, due to their pricing, tight selection, usability and general value. H&FJ is, of course, great, but I feel like I have memorized their entire catalog already and they're a little pricey.

Does anyone know of anything new and comparable that I am unaware of? The huge sources (FontShop, Veer, Linotype, etc.) tend to overwhelm and are difficult to shop.

Any suggestions?



PS Some other close runner ups included: Dalton Maag, Emigre, House Industries, Typotheque, Underware, and OurType.

* I ended up buying Omnes, Apex Sans and Pill Gothic, if anyone was interested.

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Two I can think of:

Joshua Darden
Adriane by Typefolio has a nice italic.

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I love Village and Fountain. I also like Psyops and Type-O-Tones. I also would like more from Shinn Type. I am looking forward to Figgins and Scotch Modern being released.


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Hi Sam,

It sounds like your typographic tastes are well covered above but if you're interested in a little more display variety and generally quick shopping, I invite you to visit the Font Bros.

Stuart :D

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