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Hi Typophiles!

I'm currently "working" on a table for easy typeface–finding and I need some help putting it to the test. I've looked at different faces and set them up in my table, but I need some extreme examples (stuff that does not usually happen). So I'm asking for your help in looking for some faces that:

A) Have VERY high x-ascender ratio
B) Have VERY low x-ascender ratio

Just a couple of faces of each should be enough (I don't want to steal much of your time).

I'll post the table as soon as I have something interesting to show, as it's in its early stages.

Thanks in advance!!

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Oh, I forgot to tell you... I don't have Mona Lisa, so I need another one...

Thanks again!

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Interesting project. Would love to see it. Here are a couple of possible ones:

A) Bernhard Modern, Wade Sans

B) Camellia, Omnia

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A) Neutraface (the original)

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Thanks guys!

That should be more than enough. I'll post something soon...hopefully.

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