Wedding Venue fonts suggestions

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Wedding Venue fonts suggestions:
I'd appreciate the names of fonts that will work well for WEDDING VENUE logo...the logo will be in typographic, classic,

However, the wedding reception building is in the same stone and era as the main house and is currently being restored, however it is my understanding it will have some rawness to it, i.e. wooden ceiling beams and wooden floors etc. Therefore, I'm hoping the logo can accentuate a classic style but with some modern simplicity attached to it possible for that particular font or a font that can be used for letter B in wooden effect and the rest of the the font in classic?

Brand Attributes:

The logo needs to represent classic style, heritage, beauty and luxury. Just as importantly, it needs to remain simple for its does not need an elaborate design for it is distinct in its heritage and tasteful blend of tradition and simplicity.

I hope I've explained myself clearly...and thanks for taking your time reading.

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> letter B in wooden effect and the rest of the the font in classic

I would advise against that. Your logotype should be a unified whole. The varying effects will only dilute the mark.

Here are some typeface ideas:
MVB Sirenne
MVB Celestia
ITC Luna
Eason Inline
FF Reminga
Bodoni Egyptian

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Popular now: out-fancying the rest of the market with type that will soon look dated. Good always: using type that is beautiful and simple.
I recommend looking though various cuts of Baskerville for starters.

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Some might say that Baskerville looks dated. Of the more classical typefaces, I think Garamond, Bodoni, and Caslon have better stood the test of time.

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Just curious Alma ... a) is the name of the venue really WEDDING VENUE? Or b) are you just using that as an example ... if a), I'd strongly suggest taking some time to come up with a memorable name. If b) as I imagine, then, nevermind about the name. ;)

Have you considered hiring a graphic designer or lettering artist?

Also, the first two things that pop into my head for 'wedding'



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Thank you for your replies.

bjharvey: the WEDDING VEUNE is anexample the logo name is Ballymagarvey Village, this is where the wedding takes place and for honeymoon. I'm agraphic designer...I'm just responding to my clients request...I knew the wooden effect is not an option...the client did ask for samples. I'd prefer a good clean font with a money can buy with the letter B or BV somewhere with Ballymagarvey Village.

Stephen Coles: I liked Baskerville, Bodoni, and Caslon. I wnated to see if there any other fonts that I can incorporate the letter BV with good taste....clean and simple.

David Sudweeks : I dodn't want to 'fancying' the just doesn't work for the venue. I've seenthe place and its FABOLOUS place to get married and a romantic honeymoon. Wooden effects fonts doesn't gel? I'm verty fond of unified logotype. Thank you for the list of fonts you've suggested. I don't like the wooden effect fonts so I've made up my mind not to waste my time on it?

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Do you have any comments on the fonts we've suggested?

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For what it's worth: Whitman is the serif typeface used in both Brides and The Knot magazines here in the U.S. (I don't know what it is about Whitman and weddings -- go figure.)

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They both start with W?

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I think it is because there's nothing to not like about Whitman. And I'm still sad that I didn't get to use it in the David Bates book, which I purchased it for.

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Well, yes, Whitman is a solid text face.

Was Roger Black at all involved with their updates?

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Tiff --

I know Roger wasn't involved in The Knot. That was some agency in NYC. They paired Whitman with FF Kievit. Nice.

Don't know for sure about Brides. They use a palette of FB fonts: Relay, Whitman, Meyer Two, and a custom script by Cyrus. But somehow I don't think RB had anything to do with it.

-- K.

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Well, either way I hope they incorporate more of the upcoming Whitman so we can see the whole family in action.

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