Fonts available in Mac and Windows browsers (new list)

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My esteemed colleague Richard Rutter did some research into the fonts installed by default in OS X and Windows systems and by applications like MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite. (Linux wasn’t included.)

I know from my own attempts to compile such lists that they are error-prone and incomplete, but this is a good addition to the list of lists. If you can’t find a font you need for a general-interest Web site there, are you really trying? (Then again, you might go with Arial.)

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Thanks Joe. It's astonishing how hard it is to find definitive lists of what fonts are installed with which applications and operating systems.

What I'd love to see as a next step with the matrix I compiled is a tool for automatically creating font stacks. For instance, type in "Clarendon" and it automatically spits out something like "font-family: 'Clarendon Std', 'Century Old Style Std', 'Century Schoolbook', Georgia, serif".

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