A Holiday Gift From P22

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A Holiday gift for you

---The P22 Music Text Composition Generator---

It is somewhat hard to explain exactly what this is, but it will convert any text that you enter into musical notation. You can play and print out your text...now your parking ticket can serenade you...or that Nigerian bank email can lull you to sleep. Give it a try, have fun! http://p22.com/musicfont/

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An odd but intriguing idea. Does some weird stuff!!!

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I wonder—will librettos sound anything like their respective operas?

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I wonder what an IRS 1040 sounds like? Probably not "Pennies from Heaven" :-)


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But it does make personal attacks sound pretty sweet. ;-)

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Great fun. I've been using aphoristic text samples from Bickham's _Universal Penman_, played on string instruments at an appropriately baroque tempo.

Wanting to get the effect of a longer text, I tried a BBC news story about Fidel Castro, parts of which were surprisingly melodic.

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I tried a group of text strings I use for kerning and got a kind of John Cage thing going.


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I played a news story about over-medicating seniors and it was kind of sad.

Question is though...

Will it work in reverse? If you put a Beethoven sonata in there would it tell us what he really meant? :o)

(very clever, Thank you)


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Not surprisingly, George Bush’s speeches sound stupid as music, too.

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If you play the Beatles "Number Nine" will it tell you Paul is dead? :-)


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If you play "say, say, say" It will tell you Paul is dead

kerning pairs sound quite good indeed!

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Love it! But I love your hacked avatar even more. Is that spray paint? ;)

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Ehe. This is great. The information pertaining to copyright sounds like a sad, lonely lullaby.

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Is that spray paint? ;)

just scaled default photoshop anti-aliasing of the actual badge

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Nice. Bumping this to the handpicked list.

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This kinda reminds me of the Stephen Wright Film One Soldier, the part with the glasses.

Haha, classic.

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this is fun!

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kind of cool...

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Turn insulting sayings into delightful melodies!

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I was playing around with this last night, showing a friend, and stumbled onto the fact that if you put in a large amount of text (so it plays awhile), you can choose a whole virtual orchestra of instruments (not just one) to play along. With only one, it sounds interesting, but combine a celesta with the seashore, some guitar fretting, and a muted trumpet.... :-)

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This is my favorite new site. Thank you.

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I think this is a really neat idea, but the musician in me bristles at the result. No measure markings, no keys... but I guess it's because I was brought up with formal Western music notation. I'm afraid I've become something of a music snob. :-)

"Don't be timid." -Andy Weed

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Think John Cage :-)


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