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hi everybody i'm new to this forum, i'm a graphic design student and i'm trying to learn fontlab on my own since we don't get it at the academy...if been drawing out a font and now i got to the point of starting it in fontlab...

ive got a few maybe verry stupid questions, i can't figure out on how to actually merge points ...

i have dranw the letter K but now one part of the letter K is white because anoother part of the letter K overleaps ...(don't know if i explain it wright my english is not that good)so what i want to do is merge those 4 points together but i really can't find how to do this.

annother small question is , is there a way to automaticly align a letter to the baseline, now i always do it manualy ?

anny help would be much appreciated.

kind regards

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When overlaps are not black but white, the two paths don't have the same direction. Choose one path an do a »Reverse Path«. When you wan't to combine two parts you can do a »Remove Overlap« (but this only works if you have corrects path directions in the first place)


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Hi Ralf , thank you for awnsering and trying to help,

could you maybe tell me where to find the "remove overleap" function

i tryed choosing one path and doing a reverse but that made no difference.

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Tools/actions/contour/remove overlap

If you have the transformation window open you can also click on the little hammer to get to the 'actions' menu.

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Or of course the ⌘-F10 (“apple”-F10) shortcut on a mac (not sure about a PC).

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I usually access those functions with Right-Click/Ctrl-Click in the glyph editing window.

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hey thnx for being this helpfull everyone, i fixed it ....i'm learning a great deal making my first font but oh man is it hard :D

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Hey omar, there's a great book called Learn FontLab Fast by Leslie Cabarga. It really helped me when I was learning the program

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I would also suggest the same book as Haley mentioned above. There is also another Cabarga book called "Logo Font, and Lettering, Bible" which might be helpful.


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