WIP: Type Speciment Posters

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I just got an idea the other day about making some own type speciments for my favourite typefaces and then make SRA3-posters to frame and put up on my wall. I just finished the second one (Minion Pro) and I would like to get some critique on my work.

I will create at least one more but I'm still deciding on what more typefaces I want to pay homage to.

001. Gill Sans
002. Minion Pro

Best regards,
Joacim W

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What a nice idea! You might even be able to sell these. Although that will affect what typefaces you choose... For which you might benefit by looking at top-seller lists and such.


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I would buy a Minion poster, as for Gill, well, I have probably made my opinion fairly well known around these parts.


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I like the quoute on the Gill's specimen.

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Is the straight quote on the Gill Sans specimen purposeful?
Just wondering.

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Some of the spacing on the Minion poster could use some work: there are nasty gaps in some of the text samples.

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I'd think designers would certainly appreciate an oversize specimen, particularly of the format you used on Minion, with uc&lc as well as alternates and ornaments.

Thumbs up on the single-spot choice, too.

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