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i need an opinion about this logo. me and my boss had a little fight over this subject - nothing serious though :P.He said that i was hard headed and wanted to "sell" this logo to the client giving him no other alternative. whatever... i`m only curious what do you fellows have to say about this. the business is about cast iron furniture merchandising and the products go from cheap to very expensive, from bed to banisters and chairs and shelfs. Thanks :)

P.S. here is the link to the site which will be in january - february 2008

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Here's one opinion. The colors, type classes and layout are in my opinion inappropriate for the product. Red, black and grey do not make me feel like sitting down, a coke perhaps. The main face is more suited for TV, being not classic, but rather tight and harsh, not unlike this opinion. The little hand written "design" signals informality and rush to be followed by illegibility in use. The layout is calling the eye to nowhere all at once. The ornament is fine, an excellent start which if centered, with one or two classic wrought typefaces (the Ironmonger family, being one of many), and nice soothing colors not too far from black, would be a less modern, more classic alternative to the logo you show.


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a bigger issue than the logo is the name. No one can spell that if they type that into google. ;o)

It is a decent logo, but I agree with dberlow in that this doesn't quite fit the product's vibe...the type feels more 'automotive' design than 'traditional cast iron' design. Neither the rounded sans nor the handwriting faces really fit the subject, IMHO. The flourish is nice, though.

ADDENDUM: I now notice that the product line varies quite a bit from traditional to modern, so perhaps mixing the faces up a bit isn't that bad of an idea. However, I'd still focus on a more 'ornate' main typeface that echoes traditional cast iron metalwork, and then maybe go with a more modern secondary face. I'd still probably omit the handwriting one.

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It feels like a convergence of three specific styles that don't seem to mix well. Maybe focusing on one of the styles in particular will help strengthen the identity.

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This "P.S. here is the link to the site which will be in january - february 2008" is missing an "updated" between "be" and "in" :D. Ups...

i have uploaded an image of the site. as you can very well see the logo is the same :o<. so maybe the site general layout will be a bit more lucky based on your opinions too. :)

thanks for your time criticizing the logo and for the future critiques.

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Working off your idea, and then using Hypatia—quick sketches with type on hand. I would keep working and look for more harmony.

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I like that last one, James. The main text is still modern like Marosi's original, but has a more hand-wrought feel, almost as if they're fashioned from bent strips of metal, like a branding iron. The second line also has a rough hewn quality about it. The flourishes are perhaps a bit too neat and regular, possibly slightly too large, but they're well placed. All the elements together make for a logo that would work well with a wide range of product styles from very formal traditional pieces to the most contemporary designs without being horribly out of place on any of them.

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Thanks Jason. It isn't refined but it is free—and demonstrates that this idea can be worked a bit more.

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dude, this is awesome, thanks a lot. i`ll see what i can do even though there`s not much to do about changing the logo :(

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