Can I produce a set of metal type to use in an old hand press?

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Hi all!

I'm planning to do a "lead typography" course next year.
I need some links (good ones :-)) about it and if there is a place where (or if is possible-economicly speaking) I can produce a set of metal type to use in an old hand press?


Ken Messenger's picture is a great letterpress community with a lot of good info and classifieds where you can purchase metal type. Having metal type made from a digital font is probably not the best way to go (if that's what you were thinking).

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin sells sets of metal type. You would want to call them to see what sets are up for sale. When I visited, I seem to recall they had more for sale than what appeared on their website.

Just a thought. Happy hunting!


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I know you can do it, as we had a whole much of '@' signs cast back when working at a letterpress shop. I just don't remember the company.

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Five roses is also a good website.

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