A Type Club Christmas, Toronto

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Typophiles are invited to
A Type Club Christmas, Toronto
Monday evening

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I'd love to be there, Nick, but the 3 hour drive (each way) is daunting. Does this mean the Type Club is getting active again? (I note the events on the web page are terribly dated). I'd be more willing to get down there for events in the other three seasons.

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The Type Club will likely have more events next year than it did this.
Dan, I'm sure we can find someone to put you up for the night.

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I can happily report that the Type Club is also a partner in presenting TypeCon2008. We'll incorporate tasty Canadian regional flavor in the program to go along with the Arts and Crafts, Germanic, and punk stylings of greater Buffalo/Niagara.

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I would love to join you, but it is my son's birthday on the 17th. Some other time I hope.


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Can I come?! Will Martyn Anstice be there?!

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Absuh-po-lutely. Martyn is a Type Club fixture since day 1, barring calamities.
Some people may be discouraged by the weather, but I'll get out the dog sled if necessary.

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I'm driving from Buffalo, so "bad weather" be damned.
The traffic may slow me, in fact may be jammed.

At the border they ask me, do what do I declare?
but I say nothing, there's nothing back there.

But I come bearing gifts to Typeclub folks,
P22 swag: fonts, books and a few jokes.

So come one, come all, that’s what I say,
And Martyn Anstice can buy me a drink, eh?

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swag?! And Martyn Anstice's wallet?!

I'll be there.

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How did this make it back up to the top?!

ps. I had a really great time.

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Moi aussi, and I discovered how to pronounce your name!

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A Little late posting. Been quite a day.

Thanks to all who came to the party. I certainly had a great time. Nick, you get the award for best outfit of the evening, Rich for best touque, Stan and Brian for best beards, Haley and Eric for best glasses, and me for best crutches (was at hospital today, aluminum be damned come next Monday!).

Haley, you're just too shy. Tell people about your big win. I just know you want to scream it off the top of a mountain. Don't hold back!

Best wishes to everyone for the holidays.

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It was a very nice gathering...well worth the drive and parking ticket. Now that I know how to spell touque, I may wear them more often.

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Yeah it was really awesome meeting you all in person. Since Andrew volunteered me for the organization committee I'm sure I'll be seeing you all again.

Oh yeah and EPIC WIN!

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Is that Helvetica!? ;^)

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Hmmm…I need to start a Type Club in DC. It would be way more fun and interesting than those godawful AIGA meetings.

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James you should come to TypeCon this summer. I'd imagine DC would be a great place to have a TypeCon.

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Wow, Haley, congratulations on winning the delicious TypeCon2008 admission!!!! Looking forward to meeting you next summer :)

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