Type Composition Primer?

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I need a book about how to compose type. But I don’t want to read any more books about the history of type, what an ascender is, etc. I would like a book that explains line length, leading, tracking, but not what they are, but what the rules are for using them and how to best break them.


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Old school, but still useful, IMHO

How to Spec Type by Alex White.

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Thanks guys! I am also hunting down a copy of that Rhyme & Reason: a Typographic Novel. Erik Spiekermann...not easy. I am trying abebooks next. I am sad to say I never heard of any of these except Bringhurst...so I am really looking forward to looking at them.

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A Type Primer by John Kane would be right up your alley, but you’ll have to either pay a lot or order it from the UK. For some reason the American publishers think that when a type book sells out and the price doubles for secondhand copies, they shouldn’t publish more.

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Book Typography: A Designer's Manual has excellent examples of type blocks showing the affect of different decisions with different typefaces. They also discuss some issues not in Bringhurst (at least the edition I have.)

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Thanks again. I am looking forward to curling up with some good type books this holiday season. I was unable to get the Rhyme & Reason: a Typographic Novel. Erik Spiekermann but several others are already on their way from Amazon.

I am just developing "my style" but I am starting to think that I am one of those people that likes to work with only 5-10 fonts but really, really get to know them well and I hope these books can help me with that. Right now I am obsessed with Whitney not only because it is "museum-like" but also because it has an amazing array of weights which for my publication work is a godsend. It also seems sort of like a classic in the making which I love.

Do You have long term "favorite" fonts or do you switch all the time?

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Spiekermann's "Stop Stealing Sheap" is a better book for your needs anyway.

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Type Rules!, by Ilene Strizver.

Getting It Right with Type, by Victoria Squire.

Any book by James Craig.

Here's another old-school entry: The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography, by Ruari McLean.

And another: Typography: design and practice, by John Lewis.

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