Searching for some interesting Geometric Sans faces

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And by interesting, I mean really clean :p And by clean, I mean I have no idea what the proper jargon to use would be.

I'm meaning something in the vein of an Avant Garde Gothic, a Century Gothic, a Futura, and Avenir.

However, not one of these fonts. I've used them in the past a large number of times, and am trying to find something new to brand a company. Something more 'compact' vertically.

Just throw out your favorites, so I can check them out. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, but i'll know it when i see it. Damn, I sound as bad as a client!

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Neutraface and Neutraface No. 2--includes a condensed

Nobel (both Font Bureau or DTL)


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Verlag, Nobel, Gotham (way overused unfortunately) all have condensed versions too.

But Geometric Sans is by nature not compact.

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This is true. And honestly, as much as I hate to say it, Gotham is super clean and nice. Especially in the medium weight :p

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Do a search. We recently just had a large discussion about this very same subject.

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Hmm. I've searched and had no luck so far. Any idea what the topic name was.

So far, Gotham's rockin' it for me, the problem is, you can't buy individual faces from HFJ :\

So I'd need to purchase the whole family, and that means getting my company to foot a bill. Beautiful font though.

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Don't use Typophile's search function. It sucks. Just type
cite:typophile keyword
into Google. You'll find only site specific discussions that way.

Try this link: geometric sans

The Geometric sans thread should be on the second page.

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For those interested, this seems to be it:

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