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I attach two images of something I am working on and I really need your opinions.

Legible from a distance?

Even colour?

Any strokes look too fat or thin compared to the rest?

Do any curves look strange?

Any letterforms 'out of place'?

What characters don't sit next to each other well?

Thanks in advance, Tom

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M N W look out of place and look too heavy.
R and K legs to relate more.
I would also have tried to balance the widths of the H N U characters.
The LJ combination in LJUNBERG looks a tricky one, particularly from a distance.
Generally spacing needs some work and attention.


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I wouldn't waste your breath with Dyer... he'll never get himself fit!

off the bat, the Y seems a bit tall, the Z falls a touch to the left, and the flick on the U seems arbitrary. The X is way too wide. The W looks like a reflection of the M?

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by tall, I meant that the join in the two diagonals is uncomfortably high.

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Hi Tom,

Legible from a distance?

Even colour?
N, Y and W too heavy, A slightly heavy, M functional but lacks stylistic integration

Any strokes look too fat or thin compared to the rest?
N verticals and joints, joints at baseline of W

Do any curves look strange?
nothing overtly strange, but "wierd is good" in the sense that a lot more can be done with the curves you've got. There's a tameness and repetition that leaves a feeling you are holding back something more interesting. For example, the asymmetric theme used on E, F, L could be applied to the curves of C, G, O, Q, P, R, S---a faint wiff of Revue.

Any letterforms ’out of place’?
N structure/style and heaviness, same for W

What characters don’t sit next to each other well?
need to see more combinations, set words. N and W fail to integrate with most others.

j a m e s

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Luke, Dyer's going to come good and when he does we'll be challenging for top 6!

Thanks for the input guys, I will be looking at sorting it out and then I will post back soon.

Thanks, Tom

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I agree with most of James' comments. The W shouldn't be a mirror image of the M -- start from the V to build the W. And M and W are too dark. What if the center point of the M didn't descend all the way to the baseline? Take the diagonals from the Y and put them in the M.

Also, the 4 is too narrow.

Now I want to see some lowercase. :)


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This is a great start. I'm excited to see some lowercase as well.

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