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This is a logo i have created for an advertising company but the main objective of the company is web design & graphic design. The company has only two members and they are the 2 brothers. They`r goal is to attract large and important clients so i thought that something simple, stable and powerful would do the trick. Do you agree? If not, any better ideas? :D

P.S. i had real trouble coming up with an icon illustrating two brothers. Can anyone help with this, too? Thanks a lot <):)

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I didn't even notice the "brothers" in the logo at first. It's much too understated in comparison to "marosi". I'd either remove it or make it more prominent.

The use of "image" as a verb is very unusual. Did you do this on purpose?

The typeface choice doesn't say simple, stable, and powerful to me. It says hair salon from the 1980s. Don't take my advice as gospel, but I'd change the typeface to something a little tamer like Avenir.

The burgundy and grey colour scheme is nice (although those were my high school's colours, so I'm a bit biased). I'd keep it.

You might want to think a little more abstractly in the case of an icon. Maybe instead of representing "two brothers", you should simply think about representing "two".

- Lex

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They‘r goal is to attract large and important clients so i thought that something simple, stable and powerful would do the trick.

If this firm wants to attract large and important clients, convince them to drop the “brothers” from the name. It just doesn’t work for for a design firm.

I like the look, but only if the word “brothers” goes and the rule slides right in under “marosi”.

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The messaging is a little confused at the moment - brothers is the last thing I see.

Also agree with Lex that the typeface is off message. Maybe try something a little less ornate, a little more corporate.

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yes, the "image" as a verb was done on purpose

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what if you changed the scale of these things... 'brothers' larger, 'we image you' smaller, and tighten up 'marosi' a bit?

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I agree 100% with James. If the goal is to attract large and important clients, the 'brothers' suffix doesn't really fit in. They're not an auto shop or deli.

Not sure you really need the tagline, either.

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The Bauhaus font you're using looks retro, and the burgundy color reinforeces that effect. I recommend a contemporary rendition of Bauhaus with present-day chic---Amity.

This logo will be effective without the tagline, but if the client really wants a tagline try to steer them away from "we image you". That's a bit lame and self-conscious. I've come up with an alternative, "image by design", but I bet somebody else is already using it.

Also recommend using a more contemporary color. Some designerly suggestions:

The spacing used here is maybe a bit too tight.

j a m e s

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It would have been nice if this post was not split in three parts...

Jean Chouinard (formerly emerjean on Typophile)

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