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Neuland is a typeface designed by the German master calligrapher and early 20th century typeface design Rudolf Koch. The typeface was created at, and released by the Klingspor foundry. Today, the digital version is available at Linotype. P22 has also made their own version.

Neuland arose out of Koch's desire to begin cutting his typefaces himself. Previously, his punches were made by Klinsgpor staff, who made them by referencing his drawings.

Koch cut each letter at actual size. There was no pre-planned "design." Because of this, each size of lead type's design was different. This is sadly lost in the digital version, which does not have optical masters.

Koch would go on to cut his own "serious" type as well.

Upon seeing the initial concept, Karl Klingspor, the foundry's head, told Koch that he found Neuland ugly, but that Koch should go ahead and make it anyway… Klingspor was sure that the end result would sell well. It did.

Neuland Inline was used as the logo for the movie Jurrasic Park. The font seems all tied up with weird tribal art now. It is of course pure Weimar German, and not African at all.

Alternative to Papyrus

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