Foundry Gridnik

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I'm looking for a font similar to Foundry Gridnik, something that has facettes instead of curves. Any suggestions?

I'm also looking for a font that would go well with Foundry Gridnik - I've tried several different things but haven't found the right typeface yet. Any suggestions? This is for a logo.

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panoptica octagonal

Proteus Champfered from H&FJ
ITC Machine Bold
Octin (Typodermic)

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Thanks so much for the suggestions! :)

I've decided that Foundry Gridnik looks right for what we are doing, but now I'm having a hard time finding the right typeface for accompanying body text. We'll be using Foundry Gridnik for titles, and we've decided that we need to stick with a sans serif for the body text. I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me...

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Perhaps an Egyptian/slab serif would have some angularity to play off the Gridnik, or maybe a semi-serif like TheMix.

My Egyptian:

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