(x) Classic grotesque w/ songle storey 'a' - AG Schoolbook Two {Patricia}

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Looks like a hybrid of Avant Garde and Akzidenz Grotesk.

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Thanks guys! Good eye.
Looks like it could be both.
But more likely AG Schoolbook, no?

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Why more likely?

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It’s AG Schoolbook. There are differences.

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Cool. Then that's what it is. Just wondered what Joakim meant by "likely".

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Except the 'I' in the sample isn't curvy. Does the sample have anything to do with Design Museum? I believe they made/commissioned a custom AG Schoolbook with a straight 'I'.

- Lex

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The 'l' in the sample IS curvy, that's what led me to Schoolbook.

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I think the most obvious difference is the lc g.

top: AG Schoolbook
bottom: FF Schulbuch

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Lex - The Design Museum's face is a customized FF Schulbuch Nord.

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Stephen: By likely I simply meant it looked more like the image than Schulbuch. Could be wrong though, they are very similar.

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I didn’t mean to correct Patty but placed my guess simultaneously – look at the time-stamps.

Except the ’I’ in the sample isn’t curvy.
Lex: There’s AG Schoolbook and FF Schulbuch Süd which both have a curved ‘I’ (that is: uc eye, not lc el! – why don’t we have a Georgia Schoolbook?!)
And there’s AG Schoolbook Two (or ‘A’) and FF Sb Nord, both with a straight ‘I’.

It’s AG Schoolbook. There are differences.
I think Jan is right; AG Schoolbook Two. (Btw, this version has nothing to do with Akzidenz Grotesk) Then, this sample is so small … could be just another custom version of a Helvetica Schoolbook.

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