"Anila" square very bold sans

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Hi peeps,

this is my first post here, so I hope to get things right.
I'm going mad over this font: it looks like Pricedown but it ain't...
Thanks in advance to you all!


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This was clearly done by hand, and I think Chicago was the basis for this atrocity.

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When you say you're going mad for it, does that mean you actually like it?

Nick Cooke

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erm, are those upside-down e's? Ugh.

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De gustibus et coloribus and all that Latin gibberish, Nick. ;^)

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If you want a professional alternative try Sneakers.

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Thanks peeps,

somehow I din't get alerts for your replies... Must check the settings then..

The image you see is jsut a part of a pdf file and when it was given to me I thought: "Gooooood,
some vectors!!".
Just to discover that no, that wasn't the case. It was just a pdf with a jpeg in it... :-|

I do not think that it was completely done by hand, but I will double-check on that.

Trouble is that this word is part of the Bar's name that has to be vectorised to be scaled
and printed - by your truly own - on the canopy outside the bar...

It looks like there's some work for Inkscape here....

Back to work now...

And no, Nick, I don't like it. My fave right now seems to be Dirty Headline

move your feet
to the smoking beat

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