Working for Hallmark Cards/ New font "Enchanted"

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My dream is to be a lettering artist for Hallmark Cards. Unfortunatly that is all that it will be. Just a dream. My family does not want to relocate to Kansas and I am not even sure if Hallmark would even hire me. So I guess I will have to go after more realistic goals which is to become a fulltime lettering artist and Typeface designer. I designed this new typeface called “Enchanted” which is my tip of the hat to all of the lettering artists past and present at Hallmark. I sent it out to FontBros,, Veer and also Hopefully Fontshop will pick it up also. I talked with Stuart Sandler and he should have it maybe up by tomorrow at :) It has seven alternates also. The word “Thanksgiving” in the samples shows the alternate k and g.

Happy Holidays

-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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So I guess I will have to go after more realistic goals which is to become a fulltime lettering artist and Typeface designer.

not such a bad prospect! i'm sure you know of Mary Englebreit, she always wanted to be a card designer and just wouldn't take no for an answer: now she runs a small media empire (nothing near MS, mind you, but she's not doing so bad for herself, i'm sure).

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Very nice stuff as always. Congratulations.

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Waaay, beside the point, but... When do you celebrate Shania Twain? >'.'<

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Another lovely (and lively) script face, Charles. Very nice.

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Have you contacted Hallmark at all, to inquire about employment? I don't think you can assume out of hand that they would require you to relocate. Better to make the inquiry; there is a lot of work that is done remotely, since high-quality scans, bezier versions and fonts are all easily transferred digitally.

I ask this because your work is excellent, and there is no reason you should not be considered seriously by Hallmark, or by other greetings companies.

Which would leave you with more regret: never trying to realize your dream, or realizing it?

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When do you celebrate Shania Twain?

every day! i laughed out loud when i read that. i really did.

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beautiful work Charles — this face, and the work on your site.

I agree with Carl — nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Pretty sure Stuart has a few connections with a few former Hallmark people, too.
It's worth asking. :)

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Charles, contact me privately and I'll put you in touch with someone at Hallmark.

Email tamye at

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Fantastic lettering as usual!

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Thank you for all the nice comments and advice :) I appreciate it very much.

Happy Holidays,


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"When do you celebrate Shania Twain?"

Hel-LO?, "Shaniamas", the night before Her birthday....You know, Sundown-to-sunup music playing, weeping and and ice-cream bingeing? Where are you from?

But celebrating "Nightlife" seems sort of self-referential....


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Now we can all celebrate Shania Twain Together!

Grab your copy of Enchanted here!

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