(x) Love Actually - Interstate, Helvetica {James Gareth, Adriano S}

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I can't quite get a match, but have some really close options.. like FB Interstate regular, tahoma, or lucida sans even. Any ideas?

Love Actually Title

Thanks in advance

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It looks like interstate to me.

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Found another example... yet, it looks oddly like a different font.. notice the "Y"and the "A"s

Definitely two different.


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James, thanks. I think it may be. However the second isn't.

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'Love' looks like Avant Garde Gothic, and 'actually' looks like Helvetica in the second sample.

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They're both Helvetica, actually. Bold and light, I think.

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Second one definitely is. Any idea on the first, or did we decide on interstate?

The "v" doesn't quite look right for interstate.

Thanks again.

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Here's an example set in Interstate. Your sample is a bit blurred. I still believe it's Interstate. The poster art is, of course, different.

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Thanks James, I'm going to have to agree with my first thoughts, and of course you. Thanks :-)

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Helvetica Neue Heavy and Roman

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The second sample that is

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