Looking for a well known icon / logo designer

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i know this is a type forum , but maybe someone here can help me out
im in the middle of a class project , where we have to research a somewhat well achieved illustrator
the style of my project is very rigid , very clean , and very swiss , so i hoping to find a set of icons created by one designer that would match the style .
does anyone know of any resources to find an archive of icons , maybe used for airports or train stations , that one designer would have overseen ?

thanks guys

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Hi there... I hate to say this, but you did say "we have to research"! A visit to the design section of a bookstore or library will be enormously helpful in your research. Even using Google will be helpful.

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Read up on the symbol sets for Lintotype’s Vialog typeface. Linotype.com has some information, and published a great brochure that I’m sure they’ll send out. At least two good articles have been published about Vialog’s symbols in the last six years (In Metropolis and PRINT).

And while you’re at the Linotype site, buy their catalog—a quick look through it would have been a great start to your research. It’s a steal even with the cost of shipping it to the states.

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oh my , thank you soo much , exatly what i was looking for .

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three words:

otl. aicher. olympics.

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