"CBS News 36" sans from the 1960s

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Hi I am a student looking for a font used on Television in the 1960's. I came across CBS News 36 and I wanted to find a something as close as possible to the original that I can use.


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It looks like something from the Bell Centennial family. Those ink traps are very distinctive.

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Can anyone identify the Marlboro typeface?

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As mentioned by Erik Spiekermann in the Helvetica film: Neo Contact. In the future, please start a new topic for each new font ID. Thanks!

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Here's some more on CBS News 36...the electronic version was first deployed on the early 1970s Vidifont, and in many ways this low-res version was the 'face' of television graphics during that time. I've put some scanned images from a Vidifont brochure up on my site, it includes a screenshot or two of the entire alphabet...unfortunately, no where near the full resolution of the font.

The big deal element of the design was that it had built-in cuts and counters (little positive and negative spikes at the corners) to compensate for the 'blooming' or blowing-out of the image you see on an old NTSC picture tube.

One font that comes to mind that takes that approach is Matthew Carter's Bell Centennial...but of course he chose that technique to help tiny inked letters on newsprint hold up...kind of the same challenge.

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> it had built-in cuts and counters (little positive and negative spikes at the corners)

These are called ink traps. In this case I guess they are "bloom traps". Thanks for the images, jc!

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