Where to find a comprehensive list of accent/diacritical characters?

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Ever since seeing this screenshot of Meta Serif in FontLab:


I've been inspired to go above and beyond the usual combination of WinANSI/MacOS Roman characters, which means adding quite a few additional diacritical alternates.

I'm working on a script to generate it and would like to find the most comprehensive possible list of these characters to feed into it. I was thinking about using RoboFab, but I'd really prefer to write the script myself in this case, and their list apparently claims to be non-comprehensive and not guranteed to be accurate.

Any idea where I can find a comprehensive, accurate list?

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Typotheque's character set for Fedra might be useful to look at:


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You can also take a look at the character set of Feijoa by Chris Sowersby:

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You can go through the code charts at Unicode.org, but even analyzing all those PDFs for the Latin characters alone can be overwhelming.

The Diacritics project explains the usage of many accents in several languages. It is very informative, but it still has some holes to be filled.

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Thanks for the info guys. I actually realized that the info I need, at least most of it, comes from Adobe's AGLFN. The best part is that I've also got the unicode indices in each character as well. I've now got about 200+ diacritical pairs formatted for use in my script. I think this is everything I need to build sufficiently broad character sets with my glyphs.

Thanks guys!

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