A nice example of Souvenir in use

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Souvenir gets it share of bashing here, so I thought I'd post these nice examples of it in use. I think it works quite well, paired with Serifa. It's a non-profit magazine called Sorthvit.

Please forgive the terrible quality. It's due to low light, a lousy photographer and no scanner available.

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However: the light weight is horrible ;)

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You might be interested in this discussion of Souvenir and the extensive Typowiki entry on Souvenir.

I think that the caps are stronger than the lowercase, which is marred by the loopy e. Only one weight was drawn--or supervised--by Morris Fuller Benton. The others were drawn by Ed Benguiat in the 60 for photo typesetting.

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Ugh! Sorry, but bleh.

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;) I was waiting for that one.

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Nice pictures, but I'm not sure if Souvenir works so well here. Less so about the pairing of Souvenir and Serifa.

Btw Frode, that's a lovely avatar you've got there! What is it?

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Berries on a table spelling "kaos" (which is norwegian for "chaos") in a very chaotic way.

:) Cheers.

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