(x) The Blue Moon Restaurant logo - University Roman {Yves}

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Somebody know this one? I'm having to edit an existing logo's tagline.
(Restaurant > Restaurant & Catering)
Looks like something I've seen before.
Also looks like a Deco or moderately Gealic look.
It was probably designed in late 1980's or early 1990s.
Probably from a classic foundry.
Not sure.
Any help?

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When I say when it was designed, I'm referring to the logo itself.

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University Roman

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This place never ceases to amaze me. Bald Condensed, you saved the deadline.
I've seen a lot of typestyles through 8 years in commercial pre-press and 3 years of my own studio...
Sometimes I draw a blank. (when I shouldn't, DUH!)
I can always count on this community and I love it!
Thanks again, nicely done.

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As if the proportions of U.R. aren't hideous enough anyway - it's squooshed all over the place.


Nick Cooke

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