vertical type. do's and dont's?

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hey guys
i have always steered as far away from stacking type vertically, i have no memories of seeing it properly done. Now, at work, i have to do it for an interface, what rules should i observe?

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Basically, never ever stack it. Most likely you won't be using a fixed-width typeface, so the letters won't align at all, and readability will go right down the tubes. Set the text just as you would, then rotate it 90°… Which direction you choose to rotate it is more up to you, but generally, it looks better if the baseline is facing the edge of your interface.

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Yes, a monospace face, capitals or unicase, such as Panoptica would cause the least problems.

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There's a bakery in my neighborhood name of Schick's that has a sign set vertically:

Looks odd, but I guess someone had his heart set on that vertical sign.


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