Stanley Kubrick, typophile

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Interesting article in today’s Guardian about Kubrick

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Thanks for the link Robin: that is a fascinating article. The author, Jon Ronson, also wrote one of the most interesting, disturbing yet hilarious books I read last year: Them.

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It's easy but surprising to overlook the extent to which Kubrick has contributed to my own visual aesthetic. I've recommended display-sized Futura to two separate clients in the last 6 months, and pounded one marketing manager with a femur.

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John Hudson: I have seen this book, and it really caught my eye, is it worth the read?
IS it REALLY disturbing (because I cant handle such). A cool concept though.

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Them is more funny than disturbing, and probably also more sad. I really recommend it.

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That WAS an amazing article. It also proves the point that the truly talented visual communicators* have the desire for precision in all aspects of their lives.

AND I no longer feel guilty about liking Futura.

* time-tested through history

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