Typophile SmallTalk

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Need something to impress your friends at the next book signing?

With the Typophile Small Talk Generator, doors will open in your career that you never dreamed possible.

Schmooze like never before. http://www.typophile.com/smalltalk/


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Very very swanky.

A few kinks to iron out, though: "I'm launching a new site
completed dedicated to deleting English Old Style outlines."

hrant's picture

Funny! This is cool - thanks.

BTW, I got this:
"Rich Roat and I were just discussing the finer
points of stealing computer-generated pixels."


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I got: "I saw Hrant's post on Typophile about copying lead leading."

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Glad you like it. Oh, and by the way, I'm writing
a book on pirating your display type.

John Nolan's picture

As you undoubtedly know, I'm the authority on melting down italic fonts.
..and it's hot work, so I'm delighted to take a break with the smalltalk generator. Great stuff!

Isaac's picture

My eyes are absolutely SHOT from cutting bitmap type. i guess you guys know all about that, eh? all those tiny grids... exhausting.

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