Anyone know what font software this is ('Otted')? PDF with screens inside...

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If you look at pages 28-31 in this PDF, you'll see a neat piece of font debugging software called 'Otted' for Mac and Windows.

I imagine this is someone's internal tool, but does anyone know more about it? Seems very handy.

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It's URW's OpenType Table Editor. I don't think it is publicly available.


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OTTED is a very sophisticated OpenType table editor developed at URW++ under supervision of Dr. Juergen Willrodt. Besides the option to edit the tables, it currently has for instance a couple of viewers (font, glyph, embedded bitmap and GPOS/GSUB), a consistency checker and a tool to copy glyphs.

At the moment OTTED is in use at URW++ and the Dutch Type Library and it will be offered via the DTL FontMaster web site shortly.

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