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hey ho, im all new around here, and a friend of my sis directed me over to this uber-cool place of typeness.

so just a little intro, im dante. ive worked in the field for awhile, doing freelance projects and stuff. and now im going to the artcenter college of design, dying but fufilling my masochistic urges. this project is for my form and letterform class, where we have to make a personal logotype. its supposed to read 'ante,' which is the root word of many of my nicknames.

its still kinda unreadable, so if you guys have any suggestions, id be so greatful! thanks!

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I think it's beautiful. How legible does it have
to be? Do people need to know what it says
without being told or can it survive as a graphic
mark with an obscure layer of meaning?

Your glyph connections are genius. It's one
lovely 4-letter ligature.

Why the dot?

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the dot was a silly idea that im still debating on whether or not i should leave. i kinda wanted to break up the monotonous symmetry a bit without making it too radical, but at the same time, when you turn the logo upsidedown, it says 'aite!'

about the whole obscure thing, im not too sure, im getting really different feedback. like the ambiguity of the forms attract people, but then again, other people are telling me that it should first read 'ante' and then the mark should come in. or something like that.

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I guess it depends on the requirements of the
assignment. But I think this works as a logotype
- and better than most.

If you wanted to break up the symmetry, you could
extend the stem of the 't' to make it more clear.

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I would rather see the a properly formed e rather than using the upsidedown a, and you wouldn't have to modify it much. Other than that I think it's very nice work.

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that's really neat. what does aite mean? I agree with Stephen - the t could be clearer.
Is there a reason the logotype isin't straight?

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aite is what i say alot. its shorthand for 'alright'

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Very beautiful. While I can see, perhaps,
the need for a little more legibility,
I don't think it needs much. Really nice
combination of blackletter and roman. :)

Maybe you have, maybe you haven't, seen the work
of John Langdon? Check out his ambigrams!

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okay, heres one with the regular e instead of the upsidedown a:

regular e

and heres one with the stem of the t lengthend a little

longer t stem

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wow dante, you jumped right in eh ;)

its looking great!

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The original 'e' is best. Don't break up the flow
of the stroke. I like the last image. Can we see
it small?

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thanks kevin, wish i knew about this place sooner!

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here ya go, stephen:

scaled down logo

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if ante is the name it should be readable.
currently it is not. combining letters is fine as long as the letter doesn't disappear. when I think of ante I think of ante up or put something of value on the table.

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But "mystery" has value too. Not to mention abstract shape.


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It's very cool, but you have to look hard to see "ante" instead of "aite".

By the way, "aite" (ah-ee-teh) is Japanese for partner, opponent, or interlocutor.

Paul D

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yeah, im still playing with the space inbetween the n part and the a, but i lose some of the rhythm and color when i try. ill experiment more later tonight.

aite (as in aitemasu) also means to meet, but in old japanese vernacular. depends on the kanji.

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This is a great exercise. Any chance of getting your classmates to post their marks?

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ohhh, nice. I can't really read "ante" either, but it's sooo beautiful.

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I am really drawn to the letterforms! can you show it to us without the dot? It seems to make it questionable. What if the dot were someplace else?

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could it be something other than a dot?

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joe: ill ask a couple of my friends if they would mind if i posted their stuff up too.

cody: well, the dot is supposed to hint towards flipping the logo upsideown to get the 'aite,' and it doesnt really look as composed without it. so i feel more comfortable keeping it at this point, besides the fact that ive already printed and mounted my final version.

and thanks richard. :D

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just wanna see if my avatar works.

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I'd like to see it become a true ambigram.

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maybe sumphin like this

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just for desolve the problem:-)

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I think it would be far more readable if you didn't marry the left half
of the n into the a. The ambigram/inversion thing can very definitely
work for this word. Try using the middle of the right stroke of the n
as your centre of rotation, curving left at the top as normal, and
curving into the t at the bottom, something like a cursive join. Then
the left stroke of the n can invert to the t. A half serif on the end
and a slightly descending stroke will give you your t.

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Picture. Thousand words. You know the drill.

Ambigram of "ante"

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AH yes!!! Looks great. This is the first ambigram I have seen on typophile.

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Uf! That looks awesome! I really don't say that too much. Very much kick-•••. Nice to see the evolution.

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