Comic Sans!

Frode Bo Helland's picture

Thank you Vincent! ;)

blank's picture

They had it coming…

Quincunx's picture

Oh my god, that's just pure genius. :D

SuperUltraFabulous's picture

I freekin' LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!~!!!!!!!

Much more readable and cute too.

Mikey :op

eliason's picture

If you don't get the joke, refresh the page.

Nick Shinn's picture

No, don't empty your cache--you'll regret it, even if you're fed up with Super Duty!

Reed Reibstein's picture

Type irony is great -- although I may be worried that someone who's never seen Typophile before might get the wrong idea from it :-)

TomN-CA's picture

I would have done Papyrus myself, but I think anymore complaining and they'll put flashing random background/text colours in and screaming sounds.

BjornH's picture

I'm new to this site so I have to ask, do great stuff like this happen often?

cuttlefish's picture

Great stuff? All the time!
Like this? Apparently slightly less than often enough.

Linda Cunningham's picture

Not only a readable typeface, but a great laugh.

Utterly brilliant.

ebensorkin's picture

This is very funny. Laugh out loud funny.

But at the same time - I am excited to see the post-cs choice.

I’m new to this site so I have to ask, do great stuff like this happen often?

Not super often. In fact it might be a long hard cs flavored winter around here now...

dezcom's picture

I see someone got their $20 bucks worth :-)

LOL!!! Freakin awesome! :-)


writingdesigning's picture

Typocalypse Now!

pattyfab's picture

I love it! Can't stop laughing. Thank you Vince and Punchcut.

And I hate to say it but it is easier on the eyes than Super Duty.

russellm's picture

Nice one.


russellm's picture


writingdesigning's picture

One can't think of too many other fonts that need promotion less than CS. So was it indeed all that CS-bashing on this forum that brought this about?

In which case, maybe there's some profit in trashing, say Meta Serif? ;)

dan_reynolds's picture

The moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for ;-)

JeffPeppers's picture

im melting. im meeeelting. :{

Goran Soderstrom's picture

Hahaha! :D

paul d hunt's picture

if only they had used the bold weight... :^p
oh no! i'm a complainer too.

jdat's picture

i just puked in my mouth a little

Si_Daniels's picture

>i just puked in my mouth a little

So that's what your avatar is ;-)

Grant Hutchinson's picture

... if only they had used the bold weight ...

And faux obliquing.


Ricardo Cordoba's picture

Oh. My. Gawd.

See, people? Careful what you ask for. ;-D

And now a request of my own -- shouldn't the bold weight be featured, since these are headers, after all? :-) [EDIT:] Oops. Someone beat me to that request already. Heh-heh.

jupiterboy's picture

I'd like to see an outline version. That's when, IMO, cs really looks its best.

metalfoot's picture

I like it. Simple, yet understated. Love the hooks on the lowercase s!

Bald Condensed's picture

ROFL :^D :^D :^D

I knew it I knew it I knew it!

Paul Cutler's picture

Excellent! The font of the people.


Ricardo Cordoba's picture

The font of the people.

Hey, Paul, that's a thought. Maybe there should be a People's Choice Award for typefaces (wait, make that fonts). :-D

Paul Cutler's picture

I don't use it, but that is strictly a personal preference, not some objective truth. I'm not against any font, they are what you make of them…


SuperUltraFabulous's picture

Apple Casual is a secret font included in a Tiger app- iDVD?
Poor kerning but trés cute!

Mikey :-)

vanina's picture

love it. thanks punchcut!

next is times new roman. or we could do Felt Tip?

Alaskan's picture

Mikey, am I detecting sarcasm or not?

Joe Pemberton's picture

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Be good or Papyrus is next. =)

cuttlefish's picture

How about Sand?

satya's picture

Btw, how much does it cost to feature a typeface of the Typophile?

Ehague's picture

This makes me think life would be better if I went around assuming everyone was using comic sans ironically.

Also, my self-reviling hipster heart just brimmed a little. : )

TomN-CA's picture

Oh no satya, what are you going to do?!

Spire's picture

OK, that was funny... but eventually you're going to stop laughing, and then you'll want to get rid of it.

For Firefox users with AdBlock or AdBlock Plus, add the following filters:

Problem solved.

satya's picture

Oh no satya, what are you going to do?!
I was thinking something too. ;-)

TomN-CA's picture

Imagine if the flash titler supported animating multiple master fonts. There's a few interesting ones out there!

David Rault's picture

Spire: thank you, you just saved me.


SuperUltraFabulous's picture

Alaskan> no sarcasm.

jselig's picture

haha! I love it.

Should have waited for April though :P

Alaskan's picture

To each his own. As an aspiring graphic designer, you should be very careful how and when you use it.

Personally, I agree with Ray Larabie.(edit: Not Ray, I meant David Combs!)

Alessandro Segalini's picture

By the way, I did backup that important letter from a parish of my hometown I sent David.

muzzer's picture

christ. this is the moment that typophile jumps the shark and all you fools clap and cheer.

1985's picture

Brilliant. One in the eye for all the haters.

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