Looking for a typeface similiar to Hoefler Titling Light Swash

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First post here...

I have a client and we're looking to use the Hoefler Titling Light Swash, but the budget doesn't allow to buy the whole package, and unfortunately HFJ doesn't sell the individual faces. So we're sadly left trying to find a Typeface that will be able to fit the following:
A) Sold individually, not as package
b) Have some of the same characteristics as Hoefler Titling Light Swash, particularly the uppercase "E" and "K"

Thanks and help is greatly appreciated.

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That is tough, but understandable, situation. Farnham Display Italic Swash might work.

Ps. I couldn't get Font Bureau's site to load, I'd recommend licensing it direct from them.

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Le Monde Livre has nice swashes too.

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Farnham would make a fabulous choice :-) Mikey

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Garamond Premier Pro also has similar swashes. Although it doesn't have the same time stamp.

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You can also try good old Monotype Garamond:

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Hoefler's lowercase k is really pretty though. Maybe they'd license the single font for an increased amount.

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WOW! you guys rock. Thank you so much!

Miss Tiffany-
Great suggestions. I think that might work. I also looked into the HFJ licensing individual fonts, but you have to purchase it for a WHOLE bunch of seats, which isn't really worth it $$ wise, cheaper to buy the whole family.

Lorem- These look really promising as well, esp the Caslon Italic Swashes.

Again, much appreciated.

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I like Adobe Caslon’s swashes a lot … would be another, rather sturdy alternative.

In addition to Miss Tiff’s suggestion:
Garamond Premier Pro has an alternate ‘k’. And if you dig the light weight, you can go really slender with it as it comes in optical sizes – this one would be ‘Light Italic Display’.

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GREAT suggestion! And you get BIG points for using the term "sturdy."

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you’re welcome!

And you get BIG points for using the term “sturdy.”

Huh? Did I miss something – a certain connotation? Or is that word dated? I’m not a native speaker, so I have to look up some vocab … :°?

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Not at all, I just really like interesting words you don't hear too often.

Your English surpasses most native speakers.

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So to throw a wrench in the system....and learn what happens:

Would anyone have a suggestion for a similar face with swashes in a NON-italicized typeface?

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