Looking for an extravagantly decorated display face

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I'm creating an erotic magazine as a school assignment, and for the logo I'd like to use an extremely decorated font. I'd like it to be something like the following:

The thing is, I can't find any digitized versions of the like. I found out the guy that did the cover typography on Pulp's "We love life" is called Louis John Pouchée, but it seems like these decorated typefaces only exist as metal. I've tried Identifont and all the others, and also tried searching the forums, but so far nothing showed up.

Any help on digital versions in this style would be greatly appreciated!


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Hey...why not go with metal?

I think it'd be a lot of fun to see a letterpressed "gentleman's" rag. Dig up some old woodcuts and engravings to go with it.

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What about taking a bold Caslon or Bodoni and decorating them yourself, possibly with erotic imagery?

- Lex

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Hi guys,

thanks a bunch for your help. I think the idea of going with old metal is wonderful, but excuse my ignorance when I ask, where do you find that sort of thing? Who could have something like that?

Lex, I think that's a strong possibility, f.ex I think the FUR logo (or what it is) probably has been done that way.

Here's another beauty, from an old cover of Fanny Hill, an erotic novel. Also, a logo for a late 18. century condom manufacturer. The sign around it's neck says 'Force'. All found in the Danish erotic museum. Please blame Motorola for the extremely poor quality, I hope you can still get the idea.

Again, thanks alot!


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