Fontlab4.5 & Python problem

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Anyone experienced a problem with getting Python to work with FL4.5 ?

I can't get the Macro tool to show. I use MacOS 9.2.2 & Python 2.2.1.

Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong?

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I don't know what you're doing wrong, but I've had problems too. When I first installed Python, it worked, but after a restart, macros weren't available. Running "ConfigurePythonCarbon" in the Python folder got it working again....until I restarted.

Hope someone else has a more durable answer.

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Before I got an error:
"Attention! Fontlab can't blablah.
The reason =Can't find a reason"

But after 3 reboots it has dissapeared. It can't be Python because it has worked fine before. Is there a known conflict with another program?
Or do I have to move something from FL to the Python folder?
The manual doesn't say that much.

Having proiblem installing FL in 9.2.2
I rebooted with Jaguar, installed it & then
rebooted back to 9.2.2 (no, I don't want to run Classic it's way too slow.).
Maybe that's the problem? By installing the software from OSX I automatically told the oftware to go for the OSX version of Python?

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Try asking Pyrus - their tech support is legendary.


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hahaha..why didn't that cross my mind. Will do!

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No reply from Fontlab yet! Anyone who has experienced the same problem?

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Thank you Yuri. It now works in OSX, but it still
doesn't work in 9.2.2.

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