ID vintage soda font?

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Hello, fellow Typophiles. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. In looking around for some inspiration for my next vintage piece I stumbled across this old ad, and I would like to know what the font used for "Grapette" might be?

Thanks :)

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This is probably done by hand. You'll find similar fonts at Letterhead Fonts, such as Chicago Script, Tideway, Ballpark and Ephemera...

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Thanks, Marten. I had already checked with Letterhead; the closest match I could find was Royal Script. I thought I would post it here in case this was an actual font I was unaware of.

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No one, eh?

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Like Marten said, it's hand drawn.

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Your sample looks like something from the 1920's or '30's. If it wasn't metal type, it was drawn by hand. We tend to think you can only do lettering like that with a computer, but sign and advertising lettering was all some guys did for a living in those days, and they were very good at it.

- Mike Yanega

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