Christmas Cards

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Hi all.

First I want to say I'm brand spankin new to this forum and hi to all.

I'm creating a traditional Christmas Card this year. And i want a beautiful Script font but I don't want it to be your average everyday Script font. Does that make sense? Any recommendations?


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It's not a script as you imagine it, but Letterror's
Salmiak looked lovely on our cards last year.

We made a rubber stamp and hit scraps of leftover
paper found about the office for cheap cards.

Now I'm reading that you are doing something "traditional",
so maybe I'm not helping at all. But enjoy Salmiak, nonetheless.

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Maybe too trad, but Sloop at Font Bureau is beautiful.

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Thank you Stephen. Definitely a groovy font. Tiffany.. pretty :D

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Come to think about it, Avalon is also a beautiful font (also at Font Bureau). And I really like Zapfino, but I'm a glutton for Zapf.


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OH wow!!! I want them all. How am I going to explain to my family they don't have Christmas presents b/c i bought tons of fonts. LOL.

Thank you so much for all your help.


ps.. too bad i missed the T-Shirt contest. Looked like it was fun. Did you get a winner yet?

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We did pick a winner - but it's not too late to vote for the popular vote tee!


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Oh i like that one. I looked through some of the old post and some of the shirts were amazing. I think i will attempt to do it for my own fun and see what i come up w/. Maybe i'll surprise myself.

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coles is showing off again. an interesting script, though somewhat cumbersome, is aquiline. the kerning is terrible. also, um, unique, is @$$wipe. but maybe not what you're looking for.

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I like I like :)

Again thanks so much.


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More Christmas font ideas..

Edwardian is Holiday-ish...

Ovidius too.

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Christmas font..

P22s Cezanne...makes everything look
super classy.

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I agree, Kyle...except that it's grossly overused.

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