a masculine, slab serif font

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I could use some of your font expertise!

I am working on redesigning an outdoors magazine, geared towards older, male, conservative readers.

Current serif fonts used for headlines/subheads/folio included Colossalis & Rockwell (Bold Condensed). (This combination I've inherited, not my choosing.)

Can you suggest any fresh fonts? I need something with a squared serif preferably, and if it's available in various weights, that would be great. I've gone through our font library but I'm just not finding what I'm looking for. Undoubtedly you know of something I don't. I guess I kind of like Stymie, but I'm not completely sold on it.

Please let me know if more information about the project would be helpful/necessary.

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Thanks! I really like Boton.

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If it's a slab serif you're looking for Serifa could be a great choice. I once used it as part of a destination branding project where the focus was on rugged outdoor adventure. It worked really well:


If you want something more contemporary try Dispatch:



Caecilia could be another choice. I think Golf Digest uses it.

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"outdoors magazine, geared towards older, male, conservative readers" = Stag

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FB Giza.

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Soho, with a plethora of widths and weights.

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