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Here is a display font, based on a 3x3 modulo, and inspired on the mechanism of a knee. ROTULA allthough is a display font, was made a 8 points legibility, comments and critiques please.


rotula i.jpg

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I found that there is an interesting background you made for this font. I like it. Also you can see it just like molecule things. Have you set the kerning yet? Cause it seems a bit hard to read when you set the text sample above, though it is a display font. Like the 'L I' that can be misreading to 'U'. Well that's it for this time. I'll make more suggestions next time. I'll just wait for the other to critique. Great! Keep up the good work!


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This is really very pretty. The colors, the bones, everything. The strong grid constraint seems to be getting you in the case of some letters, and this type of thing has been done before, but maybe not as tastefully. I think this design will be popular - you might even make some money from it!


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BTW, you might try selling exclusive rights to this design to Tech-TV* or Cingular**. You'd need to write a nice dry piece of snailmail, and send it to the right people, like maybe the creative directors?




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Sorry Hrant

in order to do everything right, and excusing my english,

¿what is a snailmail====????

thanks a lot


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Regular ground mail (like on paper, in an envelope, with a stamp, etc.) - as opposed to email.


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I have to say I like the patterns more than the
type itself. There's an elegance in the patterns
that doesn't come through in the glyphs
themselves... Maybe that's the juxtaposition
you're going for?

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i think that the final result doesn't show an important aspect of rotation, that is movement.
i say it because the final result of many of the typos are too ortogonal.
i like more the J,G,V.

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It took me a moment of thought to recognize the dollar sign. My eye just saw xx and I had to examine the symbol closely to figure out the intended paths. Perhaps a vertical stroke would be preferable.

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If it were modeled after the internals of my knees, it'd be a grunge font. :-)

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Nice. Shows some originality. Some letters I like more than the rest.

Is that thing between the N and the O an

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Hi Huasamaco,

Nice display font, i like this idea but i am agree with alejandro soffia.

see ya in the msn,


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