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Hi all,

First post in the design section, I feel WAY out of my league :).

Here' my brand new logo:

Which font would be best to use in a text that accompany this logo?

Thanks all

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Phillippe, I've always felt that the really great thing about Typophile is that it gives equal space to accomplished typographers and people with lesser levels of proficiency (like myself:)

Your logo looks sort of techie and futuristic. Klavika, with its slightly angular lines, might be a good choice of typeface.

What sort of applications would you mostly have?

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Hi Arun,

Thank you for your advice, indeed Klavika looks likes a great choice.

What I meant by feeling out of my league is that I usually use the TypeID sub-forum, mostly for my clients, they are clueless when it comes to typography. I deal with communications through audio-video (video production) so fonts and typefaces are not usually of daily concerns.

When you say "What sort of applications would you mostly have?" I think you mean how will I use it? Well it will mostly be for official short contract or business offers documents that I will create and type myself, that is until I can afford a secretary :)

Do you think Klavika would be appropriate?

Thanks you very much for your time.


ps. Any thoughts you may have on the logo itself well be apprecited :)

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Glad if it is useful to you :)

By applications I meant things on which the logo would appear - a brochure, a website, a poster etc.

For business corresondence there's no reason why Klavika shouldn't work.

However, if you need to make a lot of powerpoint or html pages, then there probably is some wisdom in choosing a typeface that comes default with Windows. For instance, Trebuchet.

This is because such applications typically may have to be viewed in computers other than your's where something like Klavika may not be installed.

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It will be used for business correspondence only. I already made the mistake of using a less common typeface (rage italic, my favorite) on my website and quickly found out that not a lot of visitors weren't able to view it correctly.

Any comments on my logo by the way, I read a few critics that you made in other posts and found them quite constructive. I won't take it personnal.

This design was inspired by the old movie countdown.


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I'd be happy to comment on the logo, but I think I'm quite removed from your context. I'll just point out a few things that are not very clear to me looking at your logo.

At first look, the language and composition of the logo look rather like a radio station. Is that intentional? In spite of all that we say about thinking out-of-the-box, in my experience, most categories of business have fairly well defined looks. It could be a little disorientating for your audiences if it is very diferent from the visual language of others in this category.

I'm not sure what FPS mean (Film Production Services?). Again unless its universally known in your line of work, I'd prefer to have a clearer descriptor. Also what exactly is teh name of your business: is it Production 24, FPS or Production 24 FPS?

Is Countdown the one on the moon mission? If yes, is that reference relevant to what you want to communicate?

The metallic effect is quite well-rendered. But if you're going to do most of your printing on your office printer, then better substitute it with flat tones. Unless again, it has a key resonance that I'm not seeing.

Will the logo always have the same blue background in exactly the same proportions, or have you also created a straight version (on white background)? On a letterhead, for instance, the latter may carry greater impact.

The background colour itself looks a little muddy, at least on my not-so-state-of-art monitor. Try taking a print and check whether you want to tweak the CMYK values to make it a cleaner, crisper blue. I think cutting down on the Yellow would make it better.

I think that's enough for now; I hope you've learnt your lesson not to ask strangers to nitpick on your work ;)

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I’m not sure what FPS mean

FPS is ‘frames per second’, the measurement of frequency when shooting a film.

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Oh, of course! I should have thought of that.

So that makes the name Production 24 Frames Per Second. That's a really graphic name.

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Hi Fellas,

Indeed that is what "fps" means. It is a cinema term, I understand when you say it could lead to some confusion but in the two years I had my company I think I never met anybody who didn't have a big question mark above their heads once I introduce myself and my company name.

The good thing is that it allows me to quickly teach them something, a real ice breaker. The question mark is usually replaced by a smile.

I do have the logo on a white background, it is this one that I use in my documents. Here it is:

Mind you this is not final, obviously some outlines will have to be added as the word "production" doesn't really stick out.

As for the muddy effect I don't think is has anything to do with your monitor, it is probably the low-res jpeg version I use to upload in this post.

When I say the inspiration was the old countdown I meant this:

I didn't learn any lesson Arun I think everything you said was pertinent and well-founded. It is not my work but my designer's. I deal with moving images not stills :)

Anything you want to add feel free to do so, by the way a link to some of your work would interest me very much.

Thank you for your time,


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"The question mark is usually replaced by a smile..."

It's really good if your logo is a conversation starter. In that case you probably have a strong case to make 24 and FPS in the same size. I think it'll more readily evoke that initial curiosity.

"When I say the inspiration was the old countdown I meant this:"

I feel that reference is a little hidden. If you want countdown to be your concept then the cues perhaps need to be a little clearer. Probably just have the number within the circle device and have the rest of the text clearly outside.

"Anything you want to add feel free to do so..."

Just spent a few minutes playing around with type, Do take a look:

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