NYT comic on campaign logos

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Slideshow starts here. Found via boingboing.

Do you think Dems are as haunted by "losing" the 2004 logo campaign as the comic implies?

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I think he's dead wrong about the Obama logo.

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I’ve talked about poor design in the Democratic party with Democratic campaign strategists, and they know that design is a big problem for most campaigns. Some of them have tried to get their clients to bring in better designers, and Blue State Digital has made huge improvements on the web, but too much of their design still stinks. Given how many great designers are liberal Democrats it shouldn’t be that way, but the Democrats are still really lagging behind Republicans when it comes to campaigning.

I do like the Obama, logo, tho. Sure it’s a little over the top, but in a campaign season when a mutant like Kucinich is allowed into the debates, it takes a lot to stand out.

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In re. Kucinich:



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I'd have expected something like this to have come in a publication for graphic designers. That it came in NYT is quite a comment on its readers.

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