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Hi All,

I'm developing a logo for a Marketing Community website called marketshare. The logo will be mainly for website use, but may appear on the back of textbooks. Type is set in Horatio EF, ITC Avante Garde Gothic and the exclamation point is set in Albers-ArchiType.

I'm worried that the Avante Garde (logos on the left & bottom) is a little too business and not enough fun. I also find the "s" to be a little condenced compared to the rest of the letters.

I like the logos using Horatio (logos on the right) but I'm wondering if they look a little too mid 70's retro.

Any comments would be appreciated.

marketshare logos

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ymmy. I like the horatio. Simply because it gives your mark more of it's own look, makes it more unique. This grl likes the flat color as opposed to the blends. I like the top left one the best, but with the horatio instead of avant garde. (or) I like the middle one, sans blend, sans white stroke, but "share" in gray. I'd flop the shape so the speak balloon point (thingy, sheesh!) is more of an entry point as opposed to an exit point. ((what a muck of a crit!)) Nice

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Hm, I like the top-right one (without the gradient) and the top one of the bottom pair. I think that grey colour looks great with the green, but I don't know if you can work it into those two or not.

I like both fonts...I don't know if one is any better than the other, but they do have slightly different feels, and you'll have to evaluate them along those lines.

Paul D

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I think it works good the secong version of avant gade in two colors, the one with the white line in the balloon, and i wouldn't worry about getting too serious because the baloon gives the fun that it should need.

I agree that th one with horatio looks too 70s.


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I like any of the ones with the name inside the speech balloon. I am concerned, though, about what might happen to readability if this were printed much smaller or sloppier, as usually happens in a phone book or newspaper ad; or if it's embroidered on a t-shirt or ball cap, as marketing people love to do. The e in both Avant Garde and Horatio could easily close up. I looked at some possible substitutes

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Thanks for the feedback guys.
The client has gone for the safe choice and picked Avante Garde. They also went for the logo within the large word bubble.

Unfortunately they weren't big fans of the color scheme, so I have to do some exploring in that direction. The l/c "s" in Avante Garde is still really bothering me so I think I will play with it a little. Does anyone else agree that the "s" looks a little on the thin side?

I don't think the logo will be reproduced at exceedingly small sizes so I'm not too worried about the "e" closing up, but thats a great point Christopher.

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I can't think of how you could make the "s" wider without countering the geometric essence of AG. So maybe don't let it bother you - chances are it only bothers type geeks anyway... And maybe it's crying out to be morphed into a dollar sign in some future application?


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"geometric essence of AG"

Please 'splain this to me, I know not what you speak of. :)

But do you see it Hrant? Or am I just being nitpicky?

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Avant Garde is all lines and circles - even more than Futura. (This can't be an original idea...)


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Sorry, after a long day I stared at AG and didn't work out that you meant Avante Garde.

time to go back to bed.

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The bubble does not read as market share it reads as one voice. while one ballon is clean what about many ballons to show market share

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