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im doing a coffee table book on ufos. i need some critique.


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what I like:
- white space, correlates conceptually with outer space
- the upside/down, reverse idea in the titles
- mrs eaves for main text

- too much white space, it gets to boring all along, try to alternate it with full/half size color/photo pages (or clipped elements)
- the elements on most of the spreads look cluttered, try to compose them in groups, and handle them consequently (for example the chapter titles are not on the same height)
- that the title on spread 55/56 is crossing the photograph in an unelegant manner
- mix of justified and unjustified setting in the main text, try to handle the main text only in one form of setting
- mix of main text sizes, try to get along only with one size, same for paragraph length
- mrs eaves for the titles, maybe you can find another font for the titles, which could be more related to ufos/outer space etc. ( maybe a sans serif with a slightly technic/constructed character)

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